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After navigating around and finding HM WATERFALL, you head up the first waterfall. After that, you may have to go up another waterfall, but you might only have to go up ladders. You will find Lorelei "chatting" with Team Rocket. You must defeat Team Rocket, not Lorelei. She is your "temporary friend" until she leaves again to Indigo Plateau

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Q: Where do you find lorelei in ice cave on leafgreen?
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Where to find a sneasel in Pokemon LeafGreen version?

Sneasel can be found on Leaf Green, only in the Ice Fall Cave on Island Four. That's where the breeder lives and Lorelei's house is. Ice Fall Cave is right behind Lorelei's House. By the way, Sneasel is extremely rare; so be ready to explore for at least 30 minutes.

How do you find loralei in the ice fall cave?

You can only get to lorelei by using HM7 which is found in icefall cave.

In Pokemon LeafGreen what island has the ice cave?

"In leaf green what island has the ice cave?"In leafgreen, the ice cave is on Seafoam Islands.There is also an ice cave on four island.It's on four island

How do you find lorelei on island 4?

Lorelei is fighting Team Rocket inside the Ice Cave, once you get HM:07 - Waterfall. Navigate through the cave to get the HM, then use it to go up the waterfall in the beginning of the cave. Take the ladder, and you'll find her. (Also, it's nice to know that you can find additional wild Lapras in the room where Lorelei is. However, they only have an encounter rate of about 1%, roughly.)

What will you do if lorelei is not there?

If lorelei is not in her home on Four Island. Go to the Ice cave on the right. She is in there, fighting some rockets.

Where do you find swinib in Pokemon LeafGreen?

Swinub is not in Pokemon LeafGreen.:new person here: you can get swinub at ice cave on four ilsand

What moves does the slowbro of Lorelei have in Pokemon LeafGreen?

The Slowbro of Lorelei (Lvl 52) will have these Attacks -Ice Beam -Amnesia -Surf -Yawn There You Go. Good Luck!

Where do you find lorelie in Pokemon LeafGreen?

shes in the ice cave its in either island 2 3 or 4

How do you help Lorelei in Pokemon FireRed?

To help Lorelei in Pokemon Firered, you must travel to Four island (Floe island) and enter the Ice Cave. Work your way through the maze-like obsticles and you should find Lorelei in a room with mostly water. She will tell you what to do from there.

When does lorelei go to the ice cave?

After you defeat the Elite Four and gain access to the Sevii Islands.

How do you get waterfall in Pokemon LeafGreen?

in a cave filled with ice

What route is the ice cave on in Pokemon LeafGreen?

route 111