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Kirlia can only be found by evolving Ralts, which can be found on route 34 during a swarm. Once you have the national Pokedex, there are different swarms every day, and Professor Oak's radio show will tell you about them.

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Q: Where do you find kirlia in soul silver?
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How do you evolve kirlia in Pokemon Soul Silver?

Kirlia to Gallade: Use Dawn Stone only on male Kirlia (any level).Kirlia to Gardevoir: Evolves at level 30 (males and females).

What Pokemon need a dawn stone in soul silver?

A male Kirlia into Gallade, and a female Snorunt into froslass.

What Pokemon evolves with a dawn stone in Pokemon soul silver?

Kirlia into Gallde And Snornut into Froslass

What Pokemon evolves from dawn stone in soul silver?

Kirlia (Male) -> Gallade Snorunt (Female) -> Froslass

Where do you find a kirlia in soul silver?

You can't. You have to evolve it from Ralts at level 20. You can find these in route 34, however, you only have a 20% chance of finding them. Good luck! Hope I helped!

What Pokemon does the dawn stone evolve in soul silver?

The dawn stone will evolve a male kirlia into a gallade and a female snorunt into a froslass

What Pokemon evolves using the dawn stone in soul silver?

it evolves male Kirila into Gallade and female Snowrunt into Froslass

Where do you find Kirlia in Pokemon Platinum?

In Pokémon SoulSilver, you cannot find Kirlia however you could catch a Ralts in Route 34 and evolve int into Kirlia at Level 20.

Where can you find regirock in soul silver?

you can not get regirock in soul silver but in platinum you can in a special event.

Where to find the silver apricorn in soul silver?

there isn't

Where do you find teddiersa on soul silver?

Mt. Silver.

Where to find a poliwhirl in soul silver?

MT. Silver