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It is really important that you first obtain the Silph Scope item from the Team Rocket Boss in the Rocket Hideout (which is based inside the Celadon City Game Corner check the poster behind one of the Rocket Grunt's).

Once the item is obtained go inside Pokemon Tower at Lavendar Town and go upstairs until you reach a floor that is slightly foggy this is the place where you can find Gastly you can also find it on the floors above as well. Occasionally Gastly's evolved form Haunter will appear as well and rarely a Cubone.

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Q: Where do you find ghastly in Pokemon FireRed?
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What level does a ghastly evolve in Pokemon FireRed?

Ghastly will evolve at level 20.

When does ghastly evolve in Pokemon FireRed?

In Pokémon FireRed, Gastly evolves into Haunter at Level 25.

Where do you get ghastly in Pokemon FireRed?

you get it in lavender town in the Pokemon tower. you can also get haunter and cubone

Where to find ghastly in Pokemon silversoul?

Ghastly can be found in Sprout Tower in Violet City.

Where to find ghastly on Pokemon ruby?

You can usually find Pokemon like that in a cave.

Can you find ghastly or haunter in Pokemon platinum?

Yes. you can find ghastly at lost tower or Eterna Forest. You can get haunter but i don't know where.

Where To Find Ghastly in Pokemon HeartGold?

Bellsprout tower at night time.

Where to find ghastly in Pokemon deluge?

go to maps 23 or 24

Where can you find a sandslash in Pokemon FireRed?

You cant find it in Firered only leafgreen.

On Pokemon FireRed how do you find staryus?

Staryu is a water type Pokemon. In Pokemon FireRed, it is possible to find lots of Staryus in the Seafoam Islands.

Where do you find a piloswine in Pokemon FireRed?

You cannot find Piloswine in the wild on Pokemon FireRed. You can find it's pre-evolved form Swinub in Icefall Cave on Floe Island in the Sevii Islands of Pokemon FireRed.

Where can you find ghastly in Pokemon SoulSilver?

To get Gastly you have to go to sprout tower at night.