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Try the place right of the Pokemon Center in Hearthome City .If she says "That Evee I gave you ,I got it from a good mate from Johto" that means you've already have one.They can also find it in Trophy Garden but it's really hard.

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Q: Where do you find an Eevee in Pokemon pearl?
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Where do you find Eevee in Pokemon pearl?

you have to get the natinol dex or go to the trophie garden.

Where Can you Find Eevee in Pokemon Silver?

You have to trade it from Fire Red or Diamond/Pearl I believe.

Where to catch an Eevee in Pokemon Pearl?

I'm not sure if you can catch Eevee in Pokemon pearl but you get it as a gift from Bebe in Hearthrome City after you get the national dex.

Where do you find a leafeon on Pokemon pearl?

You need to train an Eevee at Moss Rock in Eterna Forest.

How do you get glacion in Pokemon pearl?

if you have an eevee you go to the path before snowpoint city you find the snowy rock and level up your eevee near the rock

Who gives you Eevee?

In Pokemon Diamond and Pearl you can receive Eevee from Bebe in Hearthome city.

Where do you find jolteon in Pokemon pearl?

You can't find it; it's not like that. If you got the Eevee from Bebe, use a Thunderstone on it and it evolves.

Where do you find Eevees on Pokemon Pearl?

You can get a free Eevee from Bebe (located next to the Hearthome Pokemon Center (orange building)) after you get the NationalDex.

What Pokemon evolve from a fire stone on Pokemon pearl?


Can you find Eevee in Pokemon emerald if you can were?

there is no eevee :(

Pokemon Pearl where can you find Eevee?

After you beat the elite four and get the national dex, you are able to get a eevee. There are two ways to get eevee 1. Go to bebes house (left of hearthome Pokemon center) and she'll give you a eevee level 5. 2. Answer both the guy in the Pokemon mansion and he'll tell you about a Pokemon he saw in his garden. It's rare he'll say a eevee but it's possible. (if he says eevee look in the corners of the trophy garden it's possible to find a eevee)

How do you get claceon in Pokemon pearl?

To get Glaceon in Pokemon Pearl you need to catch an Eevee and take it to the northern part of Route 217. Here you should find an ice covered rock next simply level up your Eevee near this rock and it should evolve into a Glaceon. To get the Eevee you need to see every Pokemon in the Sinnoh Pokedex to obtain the National Pokedex. Now go to Hearthome City and find Bebe who should now give you an Eevee.