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It I very easy to get however u need to have beaten all 16 gym leaders from the johto and the kanto region. If you have though, go to Mt. Mortar and go to the furthest cave entrance on the right stay right once in the cave and you should see a slope to climb with rock climb. And then once atop the slope move right Towards the cave entrance and keep moving on this path and then you will go outside and slide down a slope with rock climb and it will be right there surrounded by water and rocks. Hope you find it!

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Q: Where do you find a dubious disk in soul silver?
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How do you get a dubious disk in soul silver?


How do you evolve Porygon2 into Porygon z on soul silver?

let a porygon 2 hold a Dubious Disk, the same way you gave porygon 1 a upgrade to evolve it, and then trade it

What Pokemon uses a dubious disc to evolve in soul silver?

porygon2. give it to him trade and it will evolve.

Where can you find regirock in soul silver?

you can not get regirock in soul silver but in platinum you can in a special event.

Where to find the silver apricorn in soul silver?

there isn't

Where do you find teddiersa on soul silver?

Mt. Silver.

Where to find a poliwhirl in soul silver?

MT. Silver

Where can you find a vulpix?

Soul Silver: route 36 Heart Gold: trade with Soul Silver

Where to find deoxys in soul silver?

You can not. There is no possible way of getting a Deoxy's in Pokemon Soul Silver.

Where do you find the silver Apricorn in soul silver?

Answer:There are no Silver Apricorns.

Where can you find part of a generator on soul silver?

You find it in M.T Silver Cave

Where do you find moltres on Pokemon soul silver?

You find Moltres in Mt. Silver.