Where do you find Heatran?

Updated: 4/27/2022
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You find Heatran in the third room at the end of Stark Mountain, which is available after you beat the Elite Four.

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Q: Where do you find Heatran?
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Where do you find heatran on Pokemon diamond?

you find heatran in starkmountain

How do yo you get heatran?

Heatran is only in [Diamond,Pearl,Platinum]version.You can find Heatran in stark moutain, but there are wild Pokemon so don't use repel if you use repel you can not find Heatran. hope this help see ya

Where does buck go after you battle heatran?

I believe you can't find him anymore after battling Heatran.

Were do you find heatran on Pokemon White?

You cannot find Heatran in Pokemon White. But if you have it in Diamond, Pearl, or Platinum you can simply trade it.

How do you catch heatran on Pokemon dimond?

to find heatran you team up with buck on stark moutain find buck the exit go out of stark moutain go back in go to the top of stark moutain there you find heatran

Where is heatran on Pokemon Platinum?

You can find Heatran at Stark Mountain after 24 hours from getting its data

Where do you find heatran in soul silver?

Heatran can only be caught in Pokemon Diamond/Pearl/Platinum

Do you have find heatran on Pokemon platinum without the pokedex?

You must have the National PokeDex to capture Heatran.

Where can you find heatran in Pokemon deluge?

In Pokemon D/P/Plat, Heatran is at the northest point of the Stark Mountain, but you will have to fight with someone before and then find Buck (who is a few steps away of stark mountain!)

How do you get heatran in platnum?

you have to have the nashinal dex then go to stark mountain twice the second time you will find heatran.

Where can you find heatran in Pokemon sapphire version?

Type your answer here... you cant, Heatran haden't even been made.

Where do you find heatran in pockemon HeartGold?

The only way to obtain a Heatran in Pokemon Heart Gold/Soul Silver is to trade it.