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Q: Where do you find Buck after he puts the Magma Stone back?
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Is a male or female Heatran better?

I would say personally both are good because they are both found the same way. in Pokemon diamond when you find heatran it is male, in Pokemon pearl it is female. they are found in stark mountain when you have found buck insinde her grandpa's house in the survival area and she says something about putting the magma stone back. -Tobias

Where do you go to get heatran in Pokemon pearl?

after you complete the sinnoh pokedex and talk to professor rowan go to the fight area and go north to stark mountain and you will see a guy named buck he will tag along with you. then you walk around till you find a cave thing. then buck will say some stuff about a magma stone and he walks away. you go to his house in either the fighting, survival, or relaxing area and talk to him. he will walk out and return the magma stone, but you are not with him this time. then you go back to the little cave in stark mountaian and there will be heatran. i caught my palkia with a quick ball so then i saved my master ball for heatran. one last thing is you should save in front of heatran before you click on him just in case you accidentally knock him out

Where do you find Buck after the collision at stark mountain in Pokemon diamond?

you go backto the nearest town and go in all of the houses and you will find buck in one of them. talk to her and she will leave. go back to stark mountain in the same room and you will find the legendary pokemon heatran.

How do you find cobblestone on Minecraft?

When you mine regular 'smooth' stone, you get cobblestone. This can be converted back to smooth stone by smelting it in a furnace.

Where do you go after meteor falls?

You go to the mountain with the stairs that has the cave. Once you get up there you take a right and find that Team Magma left there post to guard the passage way to lavaridge town. Once you get up there you will find team magma fighting team aqua.You fight all of team magma until you find the boss.When you beat the boss go to the machine and get the item. Then you go back and find the person who got robbed by team magma. After that go find the place with the town and fight the Gym leader.May will give you goggles and you can explore the dessert in route 111. After your done exploring the dessert you go back to petalburg to fight your dad. You can figure ou the rest when you beat your dad

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Where is heaten?

deafet the Pokemon league and go to stark mountain and team up with buck and go to the end of stark mountain and buck will find the magma stone then go back to survival area and search for the house with buck in it he will put the magma stone back and go where buck found the magma stone and heatran is there

What do you do when you find buck with the magma stone?

Go back to Stark Mountain and when you go to the end, you will see Heatran.

How do you find heattrain in Pokemon diamond?

Once Buck takes the Magma stone from Stark Mountain, go to the survival area and go in one of the houses. Speak to Buck's Grandpa and then speak to Buck. He will leave the house. Go back the the place where Buck took the Magma stone and heatran will be there.

In pearl where do you find heatran?

you find it at stark mountain after Buck takes the Magma Stone.

When you went into stark mountain you got buck you left the mountain and buck was still with you what do you do?

If buck is with you and he wont leave than you didnt get the magma stone, go and find it. once you do (actually buck takes it), go to the survival area in the house next to the Pokemon center and talk to buck, then go back to stark mountain, enter the room where you got the magma stone, and catch the heatran that will be waiting in there for

How do you get heatren in Pokemon black 2?

1. You have to make your way to Stark Mountain which is above Route 227 2. Battle your way till you get all the way back which is when Buck runs off with the treasure 3. Go back to the Survival Area and talk to Buck's uncle. 4. After Buck leaves, go back to the area in Stark Mountain where Buck ran off and Heatran will be there.

How do you get to heatran in Pokemon Diamond?

go to stark mt. lead buck (red haird boy). find magma stone. go to bucks house. talk to old dude. go back 2 stark mt. go where the magma stone was. hetran will appere

Whereto find buck after he steals the magma stone?

you go to survival area then go to a house he will be wating for you follow him in to a room with 3 gymleaders inside

Can you catch heateran in Pokemon platinum?

Of course you can, you catch deep inside Stark Mountain. You must have completed Mount Stark with Buck first, he will return the Magma Stone, once he comes back you can then travel to the place where you find Team Galatic and find it there.

Where to find the guy who took the heatran egg on Pokemon pearl?

go back to the survival area and he is in one of the buildings. talk to the old man and Buck willgo and return the Magma Stone allowing you to catch heatran at lv70 when you go back to stark mountain

What is heatran?

To get this rare frog, fire and steel pokemon, after getting the national pokedex go to Stark Mountain. You will buddy up with Buck and his Claydol to get the Magma stone. When you find it he'll take, but he will awake heatran, you won't see him though. Go back to his house talk to him. He will go back to put it back. Head back the room where you found the Magma stone. He won't be there but a Lv. 70 Heatran will. P.S. I cauht him by bringing it to red and use Dusk balls. if you have any qeustions e-mail me at sincerely pokemongeek

What if in Pokemon diamond buck never put the stone back even after you talked to him?

You can find Heatran. It can be boy or girl. Mine is a girl. :)