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When you mine regular 'smooth' stone, you get cobblestone. This can be converted back to smooth stone by smelting it in a furnace.

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Q: How do you find cobblestone on Minecraft?
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How do you find cobblestone in minecraft?

You can not find cobblestone in Minecraft unless you find npc villages made of houses that contain cobblestone, or water turns lava into cobblestone.You can, however, obtain cobblestone by mining stone or already created cobblestone with a pickaxe.

What was the first minecraft block?

Grass and cobblestone.

How do you make a dropper in minecraft?

Like a dispenser without a bow. cobblestone cobblestone cobblestone cobblestone [nothing] cobblestone cobblestone redstone cobblestone

Where do you get mossy cobblestone in Minecraft pe?

You can only find mossy cobblestone around monster spawners also in dungeons and strongholds!

How do you find a furnace in Minecraft?

You make one with 8 cobblestone. Recipie: X = Cobblestone O = Nothing XXX XOX XXX

Where to find cobblestone in minecraft?

When you mine a block of stone, it turns into cobblestone that you can collect. Alternatively, cobblestone is generated naturally in the walls and floors of dungeons, and at places where lava rivers meet water springs.

How do you make smooth cobblestone on Minecraft?

It's called stone, and you get it by putting cobblestone on a furnace.

How do you separate cobblestone in Minecraft?

you can't. you mine it.

Can you collect cobblestone in the demo in minecraft?


How do you set cobblestone walls in minecraft by using single player commands?

Use //set cobblestone.

How do you make cobblestone stairs in Minecraft?

(C= Cobblestone) (N= Nothing) CNN CCN CCC

How do you find Dungeons. in minecraft?

a dungeon is found under ground or on land when you are near a dungeon you will hear all Spiders, all Zombies or all skeletons and when you find cobblestone and mossy cobblestone