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nobody because I've played all of the Pokemon games and i didn't find one.

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Q: Where do you fight a trainer with a snorunt?
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Does a trainer have a snorunt on platinum?

Probably many do. You can catch a snorunt on platinum.

Is there a trainer with snorunt in platinum?

route 213. its the one that looks like a horse with no legs.

What trainer has a snorunt in Pokemon Platinum?

the trainer is on route 217 south-west of acuity lakefront and Snowpoint city. it's a skier girl in the South-west corner

Where can you see a trainer that has a trainer that has a cherim?

in Pokemon diamond go to iron island and find a camper trainer and fight her

Can you get Snorunt in Pokemon HeartGold?

The only way to get a Snorunt is to transfer it from your Pokewalker. You get Snorunt on Icy Mountain Road on the Pokewalker. You can also trade a Snorunt from the GTS.

Can you fight rival in top trainer cafe?


Where to find the word everyone on Pokemon diamond?

you battle a Trainer and the trainer will say before you fight him EVERYONE

How do you get snorunt emerald?

Snorunt is found in Shoal cave.

What evolves into froslass?

A Snorunt evolves into a Froslass> How to evolve Snorunt? First you have to get a Dawn Stone and use it on a FEMALE Snorunt

Where is the trainer with chimecho in emerald?

The trainer with Chimecho in Pokemon Emerald is located on Victory Road. When you go to Victory Road there will be two psychics that you will fight. After you fight them one of them will give you Chimecho.

How do you catch Pokemon on the v trainer?

you can't its a versus trainer, you can only find people (AI) who want to fight.

Where can you fight a trainer with kricketune in Pokemon platinum?

On route 218 when you battle a trainer. the man with blonde hair who is a guitarist