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You can duel Mai Valentine after you've beaten 4 times in the weekend tournament. I know because I'm a girl of age 12 and I love Yugioh more than any other anime.

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Q: Where do you duel Mai in Yu-Gi-Oh 7 Trials to glory?
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Which Yu-Gi-Oh episode did Yugi duel against Mai?

Yami Yugi and Mai Valentine dueled beginning on Episode 29: "Duel Identity - Part 1". The duel concluded during the next episode, "Duel Identity - Part 2".

What is the name of the blonde girl from Yu-Gi-Oh?

mai valentine or rebecca Hawkins? mai is the older chick who is essentially paired up with joey and rebecca is the dilussional little girl who thinks that yugi is her boyfriend [I'm right if you're talking about the dub...if you're talking about Japanese...well, my bro made me watch eng dub with him (all of yugioh, yugioh gx and as far as they made yugioh 5ds) I'm bascially an expert and i don't wanna go through the whole series again, yet, so i can't tell you much about Japanese except from clips I've watched)

When did Yu-gi-oh first played Black Luster Soldier?

Yugi first plays Black Luster Soldier in episode 30 during his duel against Mai.

Does any of the Yu-Gi-Oh cast ever duel in Yu-Gi-Oh GX?

If you mean the cast of the first yugioh season, then yes. In the final episode of GX, Yugi battles Jaden but the final result of the duel was never shown. Also Kaiba showed up in one episode because he made the school, but I don't know which one. He also duels Trueman near the end of the series and is the last person in Domino after the attack. Pegasus shows up a few times and duels once against Cronos and Napoleon. Plus Mai and Jonouchi are referenced.

What happens to mai valentine?

I really do not know very well, but I know for one thing that she was almost sent to the Shadow Realm by Marik, but thanks to Joey and yugi, she was saved She qiut playing yugioh and did other things.

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The duration of Mai Mai Miracle is 1.58 hours.

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Mai Mai Miracle was created on 2009-11-21.

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