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Anime = yes

Manga = no

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Q: Does mai valentine end up with joey wheeler?
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Who does joey wheeler love?

Mai Valentine

Does joey wheeler end up with mai valentine in the series and if they do you what episode do they get together?

No they don't.

Does mai valentine love joey wheeler?

Yes, she did. Watch episode 169. Than Valon said: Deep in herself she really loves you. I'm soory, when my english is wrong, I'm german^^ I hope i can help you^^

What are the codes for the characters not the monsters in the ultimate Yu-Gi-Oh vault?

Maximillion Pegasus: CONTEND Yugi: GRAVEYARD Seto Kaiba: DUEL Marik: EGYPT Mai Valentine: POWER Joey Wheeler: MONSTER Weevil Underwood: HAVOC

Does mai like joey?

She does,but she also likes Valon.At first, Mai liked Joey as a close friend,after time goes by,she liked him as a crush.She just didn't really have the courage to tell Joey.And I could tell that Joey liked Mai as well but had the same issue about tell her about it. At the end of the series,it doesn't really tell you if Mai and Joey actually became a couple or stayed between good friends. :)

Is mai in love with joey?

yes their in love

Who are the characters in yu-gi-oh?

well, that's alot to say. i can start you off with a few, yugi mutou, yami yugi, joey wheeler, tea gardener, Tristan Taylor, ryou bakura, seto kaiba, marik ishtar, ishizu ishtar, rex raptor, weevil Underwood, yami bakura, shadi, mai valentine, jaden yuki, and and hopefully others will improve.

What happens to mai valentine?

I really do not know very well, but I know for one thing that she was almost sent to the Shadow Realm by Marik, but thanks to Joey and yugi, she was saved She qiut playing yugioh and did other things.

Is Mai Valentine from Yu-gi-oh sexy?


Does mai valentine ever come back from the shadow realm?


Is there a starter deck for mai valentine?

No unfortunately, but there is a wind structure deck that can get you started!

What is the password to unlock mai valentine in ultimate Yu-Gi-Oh vault?