Where do you catch tangela?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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it is a swarming pokemon so talk to the little girl in sandgem town to find out and if you dont get it just save and turn off your ds go 2 setting the clock and put it on 23:59 and go back to talk too her.

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Q: Where do you catch tangela?
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When does tangela eevolve in soul silver?

When you catch a Tangela, teach it AncientPower. Then level it up one more time. Then it will evolve.

Can you catch tangela in Pokemon Yellow?

yes, in the Safari zone, but it's a burden to catch it

Where do you catch a tangela?

You can find them in the great marsh area 3

How do you catch tangela in Pokemon platinum?

You can find it from Great Marsh.

How do you catch a girl tangela in platinum without going insane?

I caught a girl Tangela in the safari zone but it took a little while

How do you catch a tangela in Pokemon platinum?

Catch it in the Great Marsh (aka: Safari Zone for Sinnoh)

What is an easy way to catch tangela in yellow?

1. get a blastoise ( around lv. 40 or 45 ) 2. go to the place where Tangela is. 3. have Blastoise use a weak water type move. 4. capture Tangela. Woot! now you have Tangela!

How do you catch tangela in Pokemon FireRed?

Tangela is in the grassy area after you surf below your house. I forgot the route name. Actully, the name of the route is route 2.

Where do you find Tangela?

To catch Tangela, go to the route that goes between the place where you buy Moomoo Milks and Veilstone City. This route rains like crazy. Wander through the grass, and eventually you'll find Tangela. ASH

What Pokemon is 114 in the pokedex in Pokemon Diamond?

114 is Unown. This is how u catch it: Go to Solaceon town. Go to the right and jump over the last three ledges. The cave u come to is the unown cave. CATCH ONE! No other trainers have Unown and they only appear in that cave.

How do you catch tangela in Pokemon Diamond?

you need to trade one in Pokemon diamond or go to the great marsh and to

Where can you see a Tangrowth?

no,but you can evolve a tangela which you get at the great marsh,and there is this girl and if you catch 5 or more Pokemon she gives you a poketch app!this is how you evolve tangela by the way,you teach it Ancientpower at level 33 and wala you have a Tangrowth.