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It is an event pokemon, currently unavailable.

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Q: Where do you catch keldo in Pokemon Black and White?
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Where to get keldeo from Pokemon Black and White?

Keldo comes in pokemon black and white version 2

Is there a event to get Keludo in Pokemon Black and White?

There is not an event to get Keldo YET.

How do you get keldo in pokemon black?

keldo is an event pokemon and you cannot get it in the wild

Where do you catch the Pokemon keldo in Pokemon black?

Event only. It hasn't been released yet (June 2011).

Where do you catch the Pokémon keldo in Pokémon white?

you can but its only an event pokemon. when does it come out? they dont know

Is there a Pokemon starting with the letter k?

Yes, yes there is: Keldo. A ledgendary water/fighting pokemon that you can only get in Black/White or Black/White 2

When does keldo come out to Pokemon Black?

It has not yet been announced when Keldeo will be available for download in Pokemon Black Version and Pokemon White Version.

Is keldo only catchable in a event in Pokemon black 2?

No, you would need to trade for it from Pokemon Black or White, for it isn't available in Pokemon Black 2.

Where can you find keldo in Pokemon white?

Keldeo can be obtained only through an event

How can you get every single Pokemon in Pokemon White?

The only way you can get all the Pokemon on Pokemon white is an action replay. but if you wait, you can get Keldo, Melloatta and Genesect in special game distributions

How do you find keldeo and rasheram in Pokemon Black version 2?

Keldo is unavailable in the games, and can only be obtained through a Nintendo Event or trade. Reshiram is only available in Pokemon White 2 or the original Pokemon Black. To obtain Reshiram, you would have to trade with someone who already has it.

Are the Pokemon Meloetta Keldo and Genesect to be obtained through distribution events?

no you need to get them from Pokemon the 14 movie genesect and the missing keldo