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It's actually impossible to catch Pupitar in Pokemon Emerald. The only way to get it is to trade it from LeafGreen and FireRed. Hope I helped :)

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Q: Where do you catch a pupitar in emerald?
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Catch pupitar Pokemon Emerald?

You have to trade from LeafGreen/FireRed.

How do you get tyrranitar in emerald?

Train a larvitar to make it evolve to pupitar then train pupitar to level 55 and its a tyranitar. Larvitar is a Pokemon you can catch in firered and leafgreen trade it to emerald.

How do you get pupitar in emerald?

Trade it from firered and leafgreen to emerald.

How do you catch Tyranitar in Pokemon white?

you cant catch it you have to go to route 16 to catch pupitar and evolve it warning pupitar is rare in route 16

Where to get pupitar in HeartGold?

You can catch a level 20 Larvitar in MT. Silver. He then evolves into Pupitar.

Can you catch a pupitar in Pokemon Pearl?


Where to catch Tyranitar?

Can only be obtained by evolving from pupitar

How do you evolve only a Pupitar in LeafGreen?

Catch a lavitar at island 5 and train it into a pupitar and eventually in the Pokemon league it should evolve into a tyranitar.

Where do you catch puitpar in pearl?

You can't get Pupitar in Pearl without trading.

How do you get pupitar?

you catch a lavatar at mount silver cave then at level thirty it evolves into pupitar. That's ONLY in Pokemon heart gold the one I said.

How do you get tyranitar in Pokemon HeartGold?

Catch a larvitar at Mt. silver or safari zone , it evolves in pupitar around 30, and evolves from pupitar to tyranitar at 55.

Where can you catch pupitar in Pokemon Diamond?

You need to evolve Lavitar to get a Pupitar at level 30 in Pokemon Diamond. Lavitar can be found on route 207 in the game.