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Lickitung appears in Cerulean Cave also known as Unknown Dungeon.

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Q: Where do you catch a lickitung in Pokemon Yellow?
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How do you catch a lickitung in Pokemon Pearl?

To catch lickitung you have to talk to dawns sister and if your lucky she mite say lickitung. It worked for me and I have breeded and made 28 lickitung s and I mite make a event to sell lickitung in pearl

What Pokemon van you catch on the safari on soulsilver?

you can catch a lickitung jigglypuf etc.

How fo you catch lickitung in the battle frontier in Pokemon emerald?

You can nt get it

How do you catch a lickilicky in Pokemon Pearl?

Evolve Lickitung. Look it up.

How do you catch lickitung in Pokemon gold version?

on route 44 you will find him

Where can you find a lickitung in Pokemon LeafGreen?

You can't catch lickitung to get one you can trade with a guy at the top of a big building west of fuchsia city he asks for a golduck in return you will get a lickitung.

Where to catch a lickitung in Pokemon platinum?

go to rought 215 and look in every patch of grass

Can you catch evee in Pokemon Yellow?

no you can not catch evee in pokemon yellow but someone will give it to you

What type of poke ball do you use to catch a lickitung?

You can use any Pokeball to catch any Pokemon. Since Lickitung isn't a legendary or a 'running Pokemon' do not use your masterball. I recommend using Ultra Balls during the day, but if it is nighttime, use Dusk Balls.

Where do you catch Lickitung in Pokemon Platinum?

It's on the route 215 between solaceon town and veilstone city.

Where can you catch a lickitung in Pokemon SoulSilver?

Route 44 (15% encounter rate) and in the Safari Zone (Mountain).

How do you get a lickyilicky in Pokemon diamond?

You can only catch a lickitung at level34 right? so make a lickitung egg with ditto, hatch it and level it up to lv33 and teach it ancientpower and then level it up.