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you have to trade

You have to trade from ruby sapphire or emerald or trade with a friend

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Q: Where do you catch Rayquaza on Pokemon LeafGreen?
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How do you catch Rayquaza in Pokemon leafgreen?

Rayquaza is not in leafgreen, trade one from ruby, sapphire or emerald to leafgreen.You can't without an AR.

Where do you catch Rayquaza in leafgreen?

you can't

What special Pokemon do you get in LeafGreen?


How do you get rayquaze on Pokemon LeafGreen?

have a Pokemon emerald trade to ruby/sapphire, which then R/S trades to leafgreen. i don't think you can catch Rayquaza in Ruby, but I know Emerald is easier.

How do you get Raqaza?

You can only get Rayquaza in Pokemon Ruby, Sapphire, and Emerald. If you want to get a Rayquaza in Pokemon Leafgreen or Firered, you will have to get a second Game Boy Advance or SP with a link cable to trade Rayquaza into your firered or leafgreen.

Can you catch mareep in Pokemon LeafGreen?

You can not catch it in leafgreen,but in firered you can.

Where to catch Rayquaza on Pokemon Indigo?

You can catch Rayquaza in the map called "Blackthorn City".

How do you catch Rayquaza in xd?

Rayquaza is not avaliable in Pokemon XD

Can you catch Rayquaza in Pokemon Black?

No, you cannot catch Rayquaza in Pokémon Black.

What is the cheat code dark Rayquaza in Pokemon Black?

How do you catch rayquaza in Pokemon black and white

Where do you get Rayquaza in Pokemon LeafGreen?

Trade it from Ruby, Sapphire or Emerald version.

Where can you catch mawile on Pokemon LeafGreen?

Nowhere no hoenn Pokemon can be captured in leafgreen.