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You can not catch it in leafgreen,but in firered you can.

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Q: Can you catch mareep in Pokemon LeafGreen?
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How do you catch mareep in Pokemon LeafGreen version?

Normaly you can't, but a use gameshark!!

How do you get a mareep in Pokemon LeafGreen fire red?

You can only get a Mareep by using a Wonder Card which is used in Mystery Gift and with the Wireless Adapter that alters the Pokemon inside Altering Cave allowing you to catch a Mareep, Teddiursa, Houndour, Stantler, Pineco, and Zubat (Which is the only Pokemon you can catch without Mystery Gift.).

How do you catch mareep in Pokemon FireRed?


Where do you catch a mareep in Pokemon FireRed?


Where to catch mareep in Pokemon FireRed?

trade him

How do you get ampharos in pokemon soulsilver?

You can either catch a mareep, breed a mareep, trade a mareep or go to the global trade station and ask 4 a mareep/ Ampharos :)

Where can you catch flaafy on Pokemon diamond?

You can't catch Flaafy, but you can catch Mareep at the Valley Windworks.

Where can you catch a mareep in Pokemon Crystal?

You'll need to trade for it.

Where do you catch Electric Pokemon in SoulSilver?

you can get a mareep under viloet city

How do you get mareep in Pokemon FireRed?

You can catch Mareep in Altering Cave.Mareep is not available in firered you must trade one from emerald or colosseum.

Where can you catch mawile on Pokemon LeafGreen?

Nowhere no hoenn Pokemon can be captured in leafgreen.

What do you do after you catch Mewtwo in Pokemon Pokemon LeafGreen?

Catch 'em all