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i don,t think you can but if thare is improve my answer

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Q: Where do you catch Magmar in Pokemon FireRed?
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How do you get a magmar in pokemon FireRed?

You can't catch a Magmar on Fire red but you can catch Electabuzz. Leaf green can catch Magmar but not Electabuzz

Where can you catch a Magmar in Pokemon FireRed?

Magmar is only available in Leaf Green so you must trade.

Where in pokemon firered is magmar?

Firered can't catch magmar leafgreen can at mt ember in the grass.

Where do you get magmar on Pokemon FireRed?

you could only catch it in leafgreen at mt ember or trade

Can you catch a magby on Pokemon FireRed?

No but you can get one only from an egg that came from a magmar and a ditto.

Where do you find Magmar in Pokemon FireRed?

The only way to obtain Magmar in Pokemon FireRed is to trade it from LeafGreen.

Is there a magmar on Pokemon FireRed?

No only leafgreen can get magmar.

Where is magby in Pokemon FireRed?

Sorry you can't catch magby, but you can still breed magby with magmar.

How do you get a magmar in FireRed?

You can't get magmar in firered only leafgreen can get magmar also there's a shadow magmar in Pokemon xd gale of darkness.

Magmar Pokemon FireRed?

Magmar can only be caught in Pokemon LeafGreen, therefore, you have to trade.

Can you find magmar in Pokemon FireRed?

Magmar is a Pokemon exclusive to leafgreen so no you can't get it.

Which Pokemon are not in Pokemon FireRed?

bellspout victeereybell and magmar