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go to driftveil market and talk to the women towards the top enterence.

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Q: Where do you buy moomoo milk in Pokemon white?
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Where to buy moomoo milk in Pokemon white?

In Driftveil market place, you can buy up to a dozen of them.

What do you use moomoo milk for on Pokemon Diamond?

On Pokemon diamond you use moomoo milk for healing your Pokemon. Moomoo milk heals 100hp and costs P500 P.S. It is p700 cheaper than a Hyper Potion, but the down side is you can only buy them one at a time.

Where can you buy Moomomilkin Pokemon Silver?

Near olivine city there is a farm with tons of moomoo milk and miltank. Go into the small shed to the left of the farm and you will find two twin sisters and a sick miltank. The girls will tell you their cow "Moomoo" is sick. They also tell you that Moomoo needs lots of oran berries. Click on the cow then they ask you if you want to feed Moomoo a oran berry. Feed Moomoo around 6-12 oran berries then the girls say Moomoo is feeling better (you can receive oran berries from berry pots if you happen to have one oran berry). The girls show their thanks by giving you a seal case and three seals. Now you are eligible to go into the farm and buy either one moomoo milk or a dozen (500 yen a pop and moomoo milk heals 100 HP). I hope this helps and you can start a seal collection!

Heart gold What happens when you feed the sick milktank enough oran berries?

You can buy moomoo milk from them, which is really cheap and works about half as well as a hyper potion.

Do you get moo moo milk on pokemon white?

!You buy them at the Driftveil Market. Then talk to the girl with a with thing on her head. One Moo Moo Milk is 500 £. Hope this helped

Where is thunderstone in Pokemon SoulSilver?

You can find it if you do the Pokeathlon. Use your Pokeathlon points to buy a thunderstone. I know that they sell them, but the things they sell (other than the moomoo milk) changes every day. So, check each day! ^_^ Its how I got my leafstone for my Weepinbell, which evolved. Hope this helps!:)

What do you do when you have finished Pokemon Black?

buy Pokemon white

How to get mpc in Pokemon White?

buy it

How do you get to Pokemon White and Black?

you buy it

Where to buy rare candies in Pokemon white?

You can't buy Rare Candies in White.

Where do you get a quick ball in Pokemon White?

You can buy them in the Pokemon League Pokemon Center.

How do you get Pokemon White?

go to the store and buy it