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When you observe through a telescope at night, so wherever you would do that.

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Q: Where do the most alien abductions happen?
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Which country has the most alien abductions?

There is no concrete evidence to suggest that any specific country has the most alien abductions. Reports and claims of alien abductions are largely anecdotal and vary across different regions. Additionally, the legitimacy of these reports is often a topic of debate within the scientific community.

Are there alien abductions in Texas?

There have been reported cases of alien abductions in Texas, but these claims remain unverified and are not supported by concrete evidence. The existence of alien abductions is a subject of debate and skepticism in the scientific and research communities.

How man alien abductions happen a year?

some claim about 3 about every 2- 7 years so not anually

Where can one read about alien abductions?

There are many good books at your local library about alien abductions. There have been many recorded cases of alien abductions around the world. Many of the interesting cases have occurred in the United States. These stories are very fascinating and may scare the reader.

Why do disapearences occur in the Bermuda triangle?

because of alien abductions

Has there ever been any real alien abductions in America?


Is the Roswell Incident the most famous alien abduction?

There were no abductions during the Roswell incident; however the most famous alien abduction case is the Betty and Barney Hill case of the late 60's.

What are the release dates for Uncovering Aliens - 2013 Alien Abductions and Bright Lights 1-2?

Uncovering Aliens - 2013 Alien Abductions and Bright Lights 1-2 was released on: USA: 22 December 2013

Are there any alien abductions in Chattanooga TN?

no my dad siad no even my teacher

What are the release dates for Nova - 1974 Kidnapped by UFOs The True Story of Alien Abductions 23-15?

Nova - 1974 Kidnapped by UFOs The True Story of Alien Abductions 23-15 was released on: USA: 27 February 1996

What is the percent of reported alien abductions?

well if an alien especially comes down to earth to abduct you,, they must really like you so you should be happy

Has there ever been a alien abduction in Iowa?

probably not, there isn't any proof that there has been abductions anywhere, but it isn't impossible