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She is in the contest hall and when you talk to her you can go and battle her.

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Q: Where do fatina before you battle Pokemon diamond?
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Where is fatina in Pokemon Diamond?

Heart Home City.

What types of Pokemon do you use to beat gym leader fatina in pokemon pearl?

Ghost and dark type

Where is fatina on Pokemon pearl?

Drifblim (Lv. 32), Gengar (Lv. 34) and Mismagius (Lv. 36).

What Pokemon do you use to defeat fatina in pearl?

By the way, her name is Fantina.Considering the fact that she has Ghost-Type Pokemon, you can take a big risk and use a Ghost-Type Pokemon because like Dragon-Type, it is so powerful only it and another Type and beat it. Anyway, you can use a Pokemon like Drifloon or Murkrow/Misdreavis (Depending on game. Murkrow - Diamond. Misdreavis - Pearl), or use Psychic Pokemon such as Meditite or Chingling.How to get:Drifloon - Outside the Valley Windworks all day on a Friday.Murkrow - Diamond/Misdreavis - Pearl- At night, inside and outside the Lost Tower(Below Solaceon Town)Meditite - Outside Mt. Corronet, East of Enterna and many other places.Chingling - Mt. Corronet (Between Enterna and Celestic town AND Cycle Road/Orebrough and Hearthome)

Where is fatina in Pokemon pearl?

You need to defeat the 4th gym in order for her to appear. When I was playing mine I couldn't find her until I had beaten the 4th gym. When you have defeated the 4th gym go to her gym and she should be there. No, even after you beat the 4th gym leader she still isn't there. You have to go to Pastoria and find the Galactic Grunt. You have to follow him and defeat him in a battle. If you head towards the lake a little, you will find Cynthia. Cynthia will give you the Secret Potion if you answer yes to her question. Then, you have to travel to Celestic by going to Route 210. Find the Psyducks there and you use the Secretpotion on them. Then, Cynthia will come and you guys talk and you have to talk to Cynthia's grandmother in Celestic Town. Look at the paintings in the cave and she will appear and give you HM03 (Surf). After that, Fantina will reappear at the Gym.

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Where is fatina in Pokemon Diamond?

Heart Home City.

Why is Fantina not at her gym and when will she return in Pokemon Diamond and Pearl?

you have to defeat the leaders before her then fatina will come she is ghost type

How do you get fatina back in the gym?

In Pokémon Diamond, Pearl and Platinum you may need to get Fatina back in the gym. To do this, you first have to beat Team Galactic and your rival.

Where is Fatina Hearthome's gym leader in Pokemon pearl?

fatina is in a cave route342 after you beat the pastroa and veistone gym leaders!! actually there is no route 342

Where is fatina on poke'mon diamond version?

hearthhome city (5th gym) ghost type

What types of Pokemon do you use to beat gym leader fatina in pokemon pearl?

Ghost and dark type

Where is fatina on Pokemon pearl?

Drifblim (Lv. 32), Gengar (Lv. 34) and Mismagius (Lv. 36).

How do you beat fatina?

she has ghost Pokemon so you should get guys with dark moves or a dark Pokemon with dark moves and raise them high so you can beat her

How can you deafeat fatina on Pokemon Diamond?

The best way is to make sure you dont use any normal types moves, as they wont do a thing. Use a strong Pokemon for the lead, and have a well balanced team. Make sure you have plenty of potions with you. Just get rid of her Pokemon one by one, then for the last one give it all you have to defeat it.

Were the 4th gym leader in dimand?

fatina (hearthome)

How do you get past the two men in solocean town in Pokemon platinum?

So i know in Pokemon diamond and pearl edition the hearthome city gym (Fatina) is the 5th gym but in platinum it is the third (even thow it is still marked as no.5 on the trainer card) don't walk on the red tiles otherwise the next door will lead you to the start. so battle the gym people and Fatina (leader) and then proceed to the door wich is blocked (to solocean town) but make sure you healed your Pokemon because your rival will want to battle he will have staravia,buizel,ponyta and if you chose grass he,ll have fire if you chose fire he,ll have water and if you have water he,ll have grass once you've beaten him you will have to battle another guy (optional) there will also be a fisherman talk to him and click yes he will give you a good rod. once you have done that there will be a few more battles but then you have solocean town you can breed Pokemon there and theres the lost tower on the top floor is strengh. oh yeah i forgot to mention don't click the pikachu because its a trainer dressed up shell have a pikachu (obviosly) in the little ditch there will be an item ether this restors pp after you have gone up the bike slope your rival will be there don't worry he doesnt battle he just talks about the ruins. next door to the Pokemon center is a news station he will ask you to bring a different Pokemon everyday and he will reward you by giving you a rare set of pokeballs so that's all for now guys hope this helps BY MATT.H copyright 2010

How do you get to the 3rd gym in Pokemon platinum?

go into the pokémon contest place, in the north of the city, and talk to fatina, the gym leader, you should recognise her by here big purple hair, she should then go into her gym, then it will be open.