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Ghost and dark type

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Q: What types of Pokemon do you use to beat gym leader fatina in pokemon pearl?
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Where is Fatina Hearthome's gym leader in Pokemon pearl?

fatina is in a cave route342 after you beat the pastroa and veistone gym leaders!! actually there is no route 342

Where is fatina on Pokemon pearl?

Drifblim (Lv. 32), Gengar (Lv. 34) and Mismagius (Lv. 36).

Why is Fantina not at her gym and when will she return in Pokemon Diamond and Pearl?

you have to defeat the leaders before her then fatina will come she is ghost type

What poemon does the 8th gym leader Pokemon pearl?

electric type Pokemon

Pokemon pearl what pokemon does the 8th gym leader have?

Raichu, Pikachu, and Octillery, I think.

Were is the fifth gym leader in Pokemon pearl?

were is the fifth gym leader

Who is Cyrus in Pokemon Pearl?

He is the leader of team galactic

Pokemon Diamond and Pearl can you become a gym leader?


Can you become gym leader in Pokemon pearl?

NO retard

What do you do after the 8th gym leader on Pokemon pearl?


On Pokemon pearl were is the 6th gym leader?

The 6th Gym Leader in Pearl is Byron who is in Canalave City.

What all Pokemon does leader Candice have in Pokemon pearl?

she has abomasnow, sneasel, snover andGOD KNOWS!