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Catch some Paras/Parasect in the Safari Zone, there's a chance they will be holding one.

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Q: Where did going to get a tiny mushroom Pokemon LeafGreen?
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Where are the mushrooms in Pokemon LeafGreen?

Catch a bunch of Paras. They always hold tiny mushrooms. And Parasect also holds a tiny mushroom.

Who do you give the tiny mushroom and big mushroom to in diamond?

use your firered or leafgreen and catch parasect it should be holding a big mushroom if not try again and when you get one give it to a Pokemon and transfor it to pal park.

Where to find a tiny mushroom in Pokemon LeafGreen?

Paris, the little creepy crawly thing in the 'rock tunnel' has a chance of having it as an item when you catch it.

In Pokemon LeafGreen 1island in a house there is a man says get me a mushroom or 2 where do you get them?

You have to catch Paras and Parasects because they carry big and tiny mushrooms

Where can you find mushrooms in Leafgreen?

You can catch PARAS and half of the time they should have a tiny mushroom it's evolved form has big mushroom. You can also teach one of your pokemon Thief or Snatch and it saves time and poke balls.

What do you use the tiny mushroom in Pokemon pearl for?

for pooping

What is a mushroom Pokemon FireRed?

a mushroom is just like any other mushroom you can find tiny ones and big ones

What do you do with a tiny mushroom in Pokemon FireRed?

if you have found a tiny mushroom, or a big mushroom, you can use that to teach new moves to your Pokemon. the move tutor is either in Fuchsia city, or Lavender town. you will need a big mushroom, or 2 little mushrooms. you can get them by catching either paras, or parasect.

Where can you get 2 tiny mushrooms in Pokemon emerald?

Tiny mushrooms are usually held by paras which can't be found in emerald only in firered and leafgreen. HOWEVER, you can find them in emerald. Namely, in the following places: tiny mushroom 1 In the north-east area of the petalburg woods there are a couple of suspiciously empty patches of floor inmidst the grassy areas. If you stand next to the empty patches and press A, a tiny mushroom will reveal itself in one of them. tiny mushroom 2 Is hidden in a bush, somewhere around route 101, 102, 103 or 110. Sorry that I can't be more specific about the location of the second. hope that thelps

In Pokemon LeafGreen where is the move tuotor?

Go to two island and enter the house near the game corner a man will ask you for either a big mushroom or two tiny mushrooms supply him with the mushrooms and he will teach any of your Pokemon moves they previously tried to learn or moves they could of learned but didn't learn.

Is there a limit to moves taught from the move tutor in Pokemon LeafGreen?

Nope as long as you have big mushrooms or tiny mushrooms you can have the move tutor teach Pokemon moves forever.

Where do you get Big and Tiny Mushrooms in Pokemon Pearl?

After beating the elite four, talk to Bill's friend in One Island. He'll give you a mission that gives you the ability to trade from Pokemon Emerald, Ruby, and Sapphire. Bill's friend will give you the rainbow pass which will give you the ability to encounter islands 4-7. On island 4, talk to the guy in the house next to the Pokemon Center. He will teach your Pokemon a new move if you trade him the Mushrooms. This works in FireRed and LeafGreen.