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You get in in progress city

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Q: Where canvyou get your first arena badge in Pokemon pets?
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What is the first gym badge in Pokemon LeafGreen?

the boulder badge from brock

Where do you get the First Badge in Pokemon Ruby?

the first badge in in rusboro city sorry for spelling its at the end of the forest

Where do i get the third Pokemon badge?

first you need to tell me which Pokemon game you are playing

What do you do once you've got your first Pokemon gym badge?

Go for the next gym badge.

How do you get shroomish in Pokemon emerald?

it's in the woods between the first gym badge and 5th gym badge

When do you get your first legendary Pokemon in Pokemon Diamond?

when you get your seventh badge and you will head for mount cornet

How do you get the clown to move in Pokemon platinum?

Get the first gym badge

How do you get the first badge on Pokemon diamond?

By beating the first gym, in Oreburgh City.

How can you get to survial arena on Pokemon diamond?

u most be done with Pokemon league first

Where do you get your first gym badge in Pokemon platinum?

by beating the gym leader

What does the coal badge do in Pokemon diamond?

First of all, badges get you into the Pokemon league. The coal badge in paticular, lets you use HM rock smash outside of battle.

How do you get the first gym badge in Pokemon diamond?

You can use Piplup or turtwig or get a machop