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it's in the woods between the first gym badge and 5th gym badge

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Q: How do you get shroomish in Pokemon emerald?
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Where is shroomish in Pokemon emerald?

Shroomish can be found in the Petalburg Woods in Pokémon Emerald.

What Pokemon learn spore in Pokemon emerald?

Shroomish and Breloom.

What level does Shroomish evolve into Breloom on Pokemon Emerald?

In Pokémon Emerald, Shroomish will evolve into Breloom at Level 23.

What level shroomish will evolve in Pokemon emerald?

I know Shroomish evolve at level 23 Brelum are great Pokemon (Try to evolve one see what happens!)

How do you find shroomish in Pokemon LeafGreen?

You cant. You need to trade it from Ruby, sapphire or emerald version.

What type of Pokemon is shroomish?

Shroomish is a Grass type pokemon.

What is the evolved form of shroomish in Pokemon emerald?

Breloom...which i also think is one of the most badass grass types :)

Should you use seedot of shroomish in pokemon emerald?

shroomish, seedot sucks as nuzleaf learn no grass type moves and only has three good ones whereas shroomish learns mainly just status and grass mages until it evolves

Can you buy giga drain in Pokemon Emerald?

From my experience, you cannot find or buy the move Giga Drain In Pokemon Emerald. It is only a learned move. If you have a Shroomish, it will learn Giga Drain in one of its advanced stages.

How do you get brelloom in Pokemon SoulSilver?

Go into the safari zone. or evolve from shroomish (transfer from previous games they are pretty common in sapphire,Ruby and emerald)

Does breloom evolve on Pokemon Emerald?

Breloom is the last evolution. It does not evolve further.

Where do you catch Shroomish on Pokemon sapphire?

Shroomish is a rare Pokemon in Ruby and Saphire but you can find it in the Petalburg woods.