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Go to two island and go into the house near the game corner inside a man asks for two tiny mushrooms or a giant mushroom to get these items catch lots of paras and parasect in the safari zone then give him the mushrooms and he will allow any of your Pokemon to learn moves they tried to learn before but never did plus he will teach your Pokemon moves it was supposed to learn as another form Example: If you bring a level 70 charizard to this guy he will allow it to learn heat wave but it never tried to learn it that's because it was supposed to learn it as a charmander or charmeleon.

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Q: Where can your pokémon learn old moves in FireRed?
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Can old moves be learned again for heart gold?

Yes, you can have your Pokémon learn old level-up moves in "Pokémon HeartGold" by going to the Heart Scale Move Tutor in Blackthorn City.

Where do you find the Old Sea Chart in Pokemon FireRed?

You can't find the Old Sea Chart in FireRed.

Is it possible to add the moves learned by a single Pokemon for example Pokemon can learn just 4 moves is there any chance to add some more moves without deleting the old moves please some one help?

yes,you can do it but you have to download soft ware

Could you learn karate in GTAIV?

There is a gym in San Fierro that is South of the garage you own when you get there. Inside, an old man will be standing there with a red marker, and if you beat him, you will learn the karate moves.

How do you replace a Pokemon move with a move that it has learned while leveling up?

in all Pokemon video games (not sure about ranger) when you try to learn a move (when you already have 4 moves if not you just learn it) it say's you already has 4 moves and ask's if you want to forget an old one (and replace it with this one) say yes or forget move (ect.) then it gives a list of the moves you already have (there should be 4) then you select which move you want to forget and you forget it and learn the new move. (you can't learn new moves over HM moves) you can go to the move deleter or o to the move tutor

Where is the old chateau in Pokemon firered?

The old chateau is in diamond and pearl

Wehere is the person thet teache moves in Pokemon diamond?

If you mean the "Move Tutor". He is in Pastoria City, he teaches old moves that Pokemon forgot or didn't learn. But make sure you have some heart scales. He teaches moves in trade for those. Hope this helps!!!!!!!!

Can trapinch still learn dig after evolution?

yes any pokemon that evoles still has its old moves unless the only way a pokemon moves can change is if u change them when the game asks if you want to change the moves or with items for example ( TM 01 cut)

Can you re-learn moves on old republic?

I accidentaly took a move out of it's box and i can't find it again. Anyone know a way i can get it back?

How does Empoleon learn hydro cannon in Pokemon platinum?

go to the old mans house on route 228 he will teach starter Pokemon powerful moves

Where do you find the old rod in Pokemon firered?

It is at vermilion city.

Where is the Old man in Pewter city in firered?

Battle brock