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Q: Where can you watch Pokemon Diamond and Pearl galactic battles episode 28?
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What is the episode of Pokemon Diamond and Pearl Galactic Battles?

it is not an is a season like battle dimension or sinnoh league victors

What is the newest Pokemon episode?

pokemon galactic battles

What episode does ash meet riley in Pokemon galactic battles?

Ash meets Riley in the episode "Saving the World from Ruins!" which is the episode no 7 in Pokemon galactic battles.

What episode of Pokemon Galactic Battles does Dawn meet May in?

Dawn doesn't meet May in an episode during the Galactic Battles season, she meets her in a Pokémon episode titled "Our Cup Runneth Over" which is during the "Battle Dimension" season.

Where you can find Pokemon galactic battles episode 10?

YouTube, Cartoon Network Video(until 7-27-09)

Which episode does Dawn leave Ash and Brock?

It is DP191, which is called, "Memories are Made of Bliss!" It is last in the Galactic Battles series of Diamond and Pearl.

What is the next episode after Pokemon Battle Dimension episode 52 sleepless in pre-battle?

The next episode after that one is Pokémon Galactic Battles Episode 1 "Get Your Rotom Running."

What Pokemon episode is Spear Pillar in?

Pokemon galactic battle episode 31 is spear pillar

What Pokemon does ash have in galactic battle?

The Pokémon that Ash has in Pokémon Diamond and Pearl Galactic Battles are Pikachu, Chimchar, Grotle, Staravia, Buizel, Gible and Gliscor. Ash's Staravia eventually evolves into Staraptor later on in the season, in the episode that is titled "Pursuing a Lofty Goal." Ash's Chimchar evolved into Monferno in the episode that is titled "Evolving Strategies." Monferno did not evolve into Infernape until the episode that is titled "Fighting Ire with Fire" however Monferno's evolution does not occur during Galactic Battles, it occurs during the Sinnoh League Victors season.

When will galactic battles be in Australia?

Season 12, Pokemon DP: Galactic Battles is set to air on 4th October 2010 on Cartoon Network. Unfortunately, Cartoon Network is Only available on Foxtel, so Pokemon fans that aren't equipped with Foxtel, like myself, will have to be a little more patient. Eventually the episode will spread to free TV, then to DVD.

Why was the episode number 48 of the Pokemon Diamond and Pearl series not dubbed into an English version?

it's being worked on right now for galactic whatever the new season is!

What episode in Pokemon does Cynthia battles paul?

Paul battles Cynthia in the episode Top - Down Training!