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Pokemon center. With a friend,using a wireless adapter or a link cable

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Q: Where can you trade kadabra in Pokemon Ruby?
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How do you have Alakazam in Pokemon ruby?

as a seen Pokemon just face the fourth elite four at the Pokemon league. as a caught Pokemon you need to trade a kadabra over and back.

In Pokemon ruby what level does kadabra evolve on?

Kadabra only evolves when you trade him via link cable to a friend.

When do you get a alakazam in Pokemon emerald?

you have to trade your kadabra with another game, either ruby or sapphire.

How do you evolve catabra in ruby?

Kadabra, you mean? You have to trade it to another GBA Pokemon game to evolve it. Have someone trade you for it and then trade it back.

On which level does Kadabra evolve on Pokemon Omega Ruby?

Kadabra does not evolve by leveling up. You will need to trade it to evolve it into Alakazam. I recommend asking a friend with a copy, either in person or online, to do a trade-back with your Kadabra.

Where do you trade kadabra in Pokemon Emerald?

If you are trying to get your Kadabra to evolve then your best bet is to trade with someone who has Sapphire or Ruby because you can trade with them right away. If you have Firered or Leafgreen then you have to beat the Elite 4 and fix the device by gathering the ruby and sapphire gems.

Is there an golem at Pokemon ruby?

you cant catch golem in ruby the only way to get golem is to trade a graveler. after trade when you get graveler it evolves into golem same with kadabra. trade that it evolves into alakazam

How do you evolve kadabra in pokemon platnum?

in order to evolve kadabra you have to trade it

How do you evolve kadabra in Pokemon white?

Trade your Kadabra with a friend. If you want to keep your Kadabra, then trade back of course. :)

How do you get Alakazam in Pokemon Emerald?

trade someone a kadabra and trade should evolve unless it has a everstone on it.

When does kadabra evolve on Pokemon FireRed?

Kadabra only evolves during a trade.

Does kadabra evolve in Pokemon Silver?

Kadabra only evolves during a trade.