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Kadabra evolves when you trade it to another player.

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Q: When does kadabra evolve in Pokemon Pearl?
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How does kadabra evolve in Pokemon pearl?

Via Trade, You Must Trade It In Order For It To Evolve Into An Alakazam.

How do you evolve kadabra into alakazam in Pokemon pearl with out trading online?

you can get or borrow a second ds with the Pokemon diamond/pearl game and trade the kadabra from the 1st ds to the 2nd for it to evolve, and then the newly evolved alakazam back to the 1st ds :]

How do you evolve kadabra in pokemon platnum?

in order to evolve kadabra you have to trade it

What level till kadabra evolves in Pokemon pearl?

Kadabra wont evolve by levelling. You need to trade him. Not sure if he needs to hold anything...

How do you get alakazam in Pokemon Black?

in pokemon pearl,diamond or platinum you have to eight badges in pokemon black and then trade kadabra to you from yourself and it will evolve

Pokemon firered what level does kadabra evolve?

Kadabra can only evolve by trading.

When does a kadabra evolve on Pokemon Yellow?

You'll have to trade your Kadabra in order for it to evolve.

Pokemon diamond how to get alakzam?

You need to evolve Kadabra. By trading your kadabra it will evolve.

How does kadabra evolve on Pokemon tower defence?

To evolve Kadabra you must trade him.

How do you catch alakizam in Pokemon pearl?

You cannot catch an Alakazam. To have one, you must trade a Kadabra. It will evolve into an Alakazam when it is done so.

Where to trade kadabra to evolve him into alakazam in Pokemon pearl?

You must trade it to another NDS and then trade it back to get Alakazam.

What level does kadabra evolve in Pokemon soulsilver?

Kadabra does not evolve via leveling up, it must be traded to evolve it into an Alakazam.