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On Cinnibar island in the science lab

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Q: Where can you trade a ponyta for seel?
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How do you catch seel in Pokemon Pearl?

Migrate or Trade. Seel is NOT in Pearl.

How do you get seel in Sapphire?

Seel is not available in Sapphire in the wild, you have to trade it FR/LG.

In Pokémon Emerald where can you get the Pokémon Seel?


How do you get your Ponyta to evolve faster?

If you have someone else you know who has either Pokemon Platinum, Pearl, or Diamond you could trade him/her your Ponyta then trade back. After every battle your Ponyta will gain boosted experience points because it was traded.

How do you get seel in emerald?

To get Seel in Pokemon Emerald you must trade for one from Pokemon FireRed or LeafGreen. Seel can easily be found in the Seafoam Islands on Pokemon FireRed and LeafGreen.

Where can you catch a blue Ponyta in Pokemon Platinum?

Do not have a clue, maybe you can trade with someone for it

Where do you catch a blue ponyta?

either you can be the lucky 1 out of 8192 people to get one or you can chain to get one

Where to trade rapidash in Pokemon Gold?

before you fight ash... theres a ponyta and evolve it

Where do you catch a ponyta in ruby version?

You cannot catch Ponyta in Ruby version, nor Sapphire version. You much catch it in Fire Red or Leaf Green and then trade it to Ruby or Sapphire.

How do you get Ponyta on Pokemon Emerald?

you just cant get it in emerald you have to trade it from leaf green or fire red.

What is the birth name of Charles Seel?

Charles Seel's birth name is Charles Frederick Seel.

What is Seel?

Seel is a metallic black color.