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you just cant get it in emerald you have to trade it from leaf green or fire red.

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Q: How do you get Ponyta on Pokemon Emerald?
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Where is ponyta in the safari zone on emerald?

Answer:Nowhere, Ponyta is not in the Safari Zone in Pokemon Emerald.

Where can you catch ponyta on Pokemon Emerald?

You can't.

Where to get a ponyta in Pokemon Emerald?

You can't. It must be traded from FireRed of LeafGreen.

Can you get ponyta in Pokemon Emerald?

Yes, after you beat the elite four, a new area will open in the safari zone. You will find ponyta in there.

What is the location of ponyta in Pokemon sapphire?

Ponyta is not in the game.

How do you get ponyta on Pokemon tower defense?

you get a ponyta on cinbbar island.

What level does ponyta have to be to evolve in Pokemon Diamond?

Ponyta evolves at Level 40 in Pokemon diamond.

How do you get ponyta in Pokemon pearl?

A Ponyta will be at Route 206,210,211,215 and Route 214!!!

In Pokemon heartgold can ponyta breed with meganium?

No, Ponyta is not compatible with Meganium.

When does ponyta evolve in Pokemon platinum?

A Ponyta evolves on level 40.

When do you evolve ponyta on Pokemon platinum?

Ponyta evolves in lvl 40 in a Rapidash.

How do you evolve ponyta into rapidash in Pokemon?

Ponyta evolves into Rapidash at level 40.