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There is no specific location where you can recieve a shiny pokemon they can appear anywhere at anytime however on my journey's through the game i have always come across a shiny pokemon in the safari zone.

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Q: Where can you most likely get a shiny Pokemon?
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Do all shiny Pokemon have pokerus?

No, most likely none of them. If hack shiny Pokemon hatch with the pokerus they lose their shiny status.

Where do you find a shiny Magikarp?

Shiny Pokemon are the hardest to find most likely you will not find one just look in the lake of rage to incresse your canches

How do you get a shiny shieldon in Pokemon platinum before beating the elite 4?

Underground. btw, it rarely happens but when your diggin. if you ever find a golden fossil, then revive it. it's most likely to be a shiny fossilized pokemon.

When is the Pokemon events where you get shiny Pokemon?

Coming up, there will be an event where you can get a shiny Genesect that knows Extremespeed. Not much is known about it, but it will most likely be a Wi-Fi event that comes out with the movie. If you're wondering where to obtain the event shiny pokemon, you should be see a man in the pokecenter that you usually don't see who has the pokemon. Hope I helped

Where are the locations of shiny Pokemon in emerald?

shiny Pokemon are not found in specific places in the game they are a random occurance in which one out of every 8564 wild Pokemon you encounter will be shiny(or the color will be different) the most well known shiny Pokemon is the red gyrados which is the only shiny Pokemon that has a specific location

What is the most common shiny Pokemon in heartgold?

well there are no common shiny Pokemon in heart gold but i have seen a shiny garados's and a shiny medapod. so maybe garados.

What is the most desirable shiny Pokemon?


How do you get Pokemon to stay shiny in Pokemon Diamond?

What do you mean how do you make a shiny Pokemon stay shiny if you get a shiny Pokemon it stays shiny ok!

Can you get a shiny Pokemon from a shiny ditto and a shiny jolteon in pokemon white?

No, you don't. Shiny Pokemon appear in Pokemon White version like every other Pokemon game, you can get them through breeding, a legendary could be one, or you could find one in the wild. However, using the Masuda method, which is breeding Pokemon from separate languages, it is more likely to get a shiny then in past games.

Breading a shiny Pokemon?

Breading a shiny Pokemon does not guarantee you a shiny Pokemon.

Is there a Pokemon platinum short shiny code that makes every Pokemon shiny forever?

...shiny Pokemon are always shiny... ._.

What Pokemon are shiny?

All of the Pokemon are shiny