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On PC you do not get karma powers. They are only available on consoles such as the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3

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Q: Where can you get the sims 3 karma power on PC?
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Can you use karma in sims 3 for PC?

sorry but no.

Is the sims 3 on PC different to xbox 360?

Yes it is different, on PC there are no karma powers.

Where are the karma powers located in the game The Sims 3 for DS?

i have no clue i tkink sims 3 PC is better than ds sims 3

How do you get your sims unstuck for Sims 3 on ps3?

use the bad karma power (Cosmic Curse)

What does the karma powers all mean on the sims 3 on ds?

It means you have more power over your sims life than 1 or 2

Can a sim in The Sims 3 get kidnaped for PC?

no, there is no kidnapping in the sims 3 for the PC

Can you use Sims 3 on a PC?

yes, the sims 3 is made for the PC

How do you become a werewolf on sims 3 pets on xbox?

I read somewhere that you have to get your sim to dance for 3 days straight and then a karma power apears

Sims 2 for PC?

Yes there is a Sims 2 for PC, they are working on the Sims 3.

How do you get the first karma power in sims 3 for ds?

it is next to the stadium near the open part were you can medatate i just found it its awesome

Can you install sims 3 on a PC and a mac?

Yes you can install Sims 3 on a PC or a Mac.

Are there karma powers in the sims 3 base game For Windows?

There are not.