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I think you can get the old rod by going to this poke center near a Lake
If you go in the Pokemon center right before union cave talk to the fisherman inside he gives you the old rod.

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Q: Where can you get the old rod in Pokemon HeartGold?
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Where do you find the bad rod in Pokemon HeartGold?

There is only old, good, and super rods in Pokemon Heart Gold.

Where do you get fishing rods in Pokemon HeartGold?

i only know that the old rod is at the route where theres a Pokemon center next to the cave

How can you get a water Pokemon on Pokemon HeartGold?

Use a fishing rod.

Where do you get a rod in pokemon heartgold?

Old Rod---Route 32 from the Fishing Guru Good Rod---Olivine City from the Fishing Guru Super Rod---Route 12 from the Fishing Guru

Where do you get the old rod in heartgold?

You get it at the Pokemon Center just North of Goldenrod City. Have fun fishing! (For Magikarps anyway) :-(

Where do you get a old rod in HeartGold?

It's in a Pokemon center. in Goldenrod City.

Where do you get the fishing rod in Pokemon HeartGold?

The old rod is located in Route 32 from a Fishing Guru (look for him) The Super rod is located in Route 12 from...again..a fishing guru (look for him)

Where is the good rod in Pokemon HeartGold?

A Fishing Guru in Olivine City has it.

Where is kadabra on Pokemon HeartGold?

You can get an Abra at the gamecorner in golden rod and evolve it.

How do you find a poliwag in Pokemon HeartGold?

surf on water or get a fishing rod

How do you get a water type pokemon on heartgold?

You get a water type pokemon by chose totodile and teach him surf or fishing. P.S.-you can find old rod in 32 route in pokemon center,tak to the fisher.

Where to get a good rod in HeartGold?

the house nearest to the pokemon center in olivine city