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At the top of the mountain at 6pm

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Q: Where can you get the White flower in Harvest moon more friends of mineral town?
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Where can you find a red flower in harvest moon?

If you're talking about harvest moon back to nature, there are flower seeds sold at Won named the magic red or something like that. Only sometimes it blooms to red as it's name other time it's white or something I forgot

How do you open the right door in the church in harvest moon?

make friends with carter then you can open the door in autum you will get truffle and winter white grass

What is the streak color of the mineral calcite?

Streak is the color of a crushed mineral's powder. The color of a mineral's powder may differ from the actual color of the mineral. This property can be useful for mineral identification.Almost every mineral has an inherent streak color, no matter what color the actual mineral is.

Is a white mineral that is very hard?

Diamond is a very hard white mineral.

When was The White Flower created?

The White Flower was created on 1923-03-04.

Georgia o'keefe's white and red flower white and red flower?

because she wanted the flower to look like spring stuff.

What is Italy's state flower?

Italy's traditional state flower is the rose, but their religious flower is the white poppy or the white lily.

What is the white flower native to the alps?

The vaginous Flower

If a flower is white and both its parents flowers are red what does that tell you about the trait of the white flower?

Then white flowering is a Recessive gene.

What is a white and yellow flower beginning with d?

A white and yellow flower that begins with D is a daisy.

What is Celine Dion's favorite flower?

her fav flower is roses

What is the mineral with glassy luster often clean or milky white?

The mineral with glassy luster, and milky white is Quartz