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Galanoth in Vasalkar's Lair (/join lair) will give quests that when finished, open a shop in which the Dragonslayer Class can be bought for 10,000 gold. A little might be needed near the end.

The quests that have to be accomplished are:

  • Dragonslayer Veteran - defeat 8 wyverns and water draconians
  • Dragonslayer Sergeant - defeat 8 Purple, Venom, Bronze draconians
  • Dragonslayer Captain - defeat 8 Golden, Dark draconians
  • Dragonslayer Marshal - defeat 8 times fire dragon
  • Dragonslayer Reward - 12 "dragonspirit" drops randomly from anyone
Class OverviewDragonslayer is a focus class, specifically designed to hunt dragons and dragonkind. They are specialized warriors.

Mana Regeneration: Dragonslayers gain mana when they:

  • Strike an enemy in combat, more on crits.
  • Are struck by an enemy in combat.

    Favorable Stats:

  • Strength, increases attack power and critical strike chance.
  • Endurance, increases total hp, giving more survival.
  • Dexterity, increases haste, hit chance and evasion chance.
  • Luck, increases critical stike chance.
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Q: Where can you get dragonslayer class in Aqworlds?
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How do you get the dragonslayer class in AQWorlds?

you do all the non-member quests in dragons lair

Is it possible to get the fricken dragonslayer class in aqworlds?

Yes you just have to complete all Galanoth's quests and then you can click "Shop" and you can buy: Dragon Wings , Dragonslayer Helm , Dragonslayer Class, and Pet Baby Red Dragon. Hope this helped ^^

Who is the leader of the dragonslayer class in AQWorlds?

galanoth hes leader you wasted your time if you've seen it right

How do you become a dragonslayer in AQWorlds?

do all of galanoth's quests at the lair

How do you get dragonslayer class in aqworlds without any quest?

You cant, you must finish all the quest from that dragon slayer master guy Galonath to unlock the shop in the dragon lair.or you couldd cheat and get aqwacker and load the dragonslayer shop.

Where do you get dragonslayer armor in adventure quest world?

You could get the Dragonslayer in Aqworlds by completing all quests Og Galanoth in Dragon Lair.

What is the strongest class in AQWorlds?

I strongly suggest that Shaman is the strongest. the wiki for aqworlds says it recommends it for bosses and hard to beat battles. But if you want the second best I suggest Ninja, Doom-knight or Dragonslayer. Please keep this wise answer in mind!!

There is new stuff in Aqworlds dragonslayer armor go get it in Valskar Lair and do all quest agree?

I've already got dragonslayer on the first day it was out..but I can help if you want. User: Atenzia

How do you gain dragonslayer exp in adventure quest?

You don't get dragonslayer "exp" you do get DragonSlayer armor skills and lvl ups (armor wise) to do this go to Galonth and do his quests after you have his class set as your main class

Where do you get dragonslayer class in aqworlds?

Easy! Just Follow these Simple Steps!1) Log into AQWorlds2) On the Left hand corner there is a Chat bar, Click on it and Type '/join Lair'3) Go Inside and Talk to the NPC 'Galanoth'4) Complete his Quests to Unlock his Shop5) Purchase Dragonslayer ClassEnjoy:)

How do you train dragonslayer in battleon?

You must talk to Galanoth and do his quest and he will level up your DragonSlayer class.

How do you become a dragonslayer?

By joining vasalkar lair, you can get Dragonslayer by doing the quests from Galanoth, who stands inside the cave. Dragonslayer is a class, bought with 10,000 gold.