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You cant, you must finish all the quest from that dragon slayer master guy Galonath to unlock the shop in the dragon lair.

or you couldd cheat and get aqwacker and load the dragonslayer shop.

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Q: How do you get dragonslayer class in aqworlds without any quest?
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Where do you get dragonslayer armor in adventure quest world?

You could get the Dragonslayer in Aqworlds by completing all quests Og Galanoth in Dragon Lair.

How do you train dragonslayer in battleon?

You must talk to Galanoth and do his quest and he will level up your DragonSlayer class.

There is new stuff in Aqworlds dragonslayer armor go get it in Valskar Lair and do all quest agree?

I've already got dragonslayer on the first day it was out..but I can help if you want. User: Atenzia

How do you gain dragonslayer exp in adventure quest?

You don't get dragonslayer "exp" you do get DragonSlayer armor skills and lvl ups (armor wise) to do this go to Galonth and do his quests after you have his class set as your main class

How do you get palidan class on AQWorlds?

well if you want to get padlin class on aqworlds then firts you have to be a member on adventure quest, then click confirm padlin class on the homepage,type in your adventure quest account, and then go to the castle and bu the padlin class.

How can you be a guardian in aqworlds?

You can't exactly be a Guardian on AQWorlds, but you can verify on AQW that you have Guardian on the original Adventure Quest and get Guardian class in AQWorlds. :)

How do you get rust bucket class in Aqworlds?

crashsite in the front there is a girl and her last quest is a rust bucket class

How do you get dragonslayer in aqw?

To get dragonslayer you need to do all the quests in the lair (The last quest is not that easy) and you will unlock a shop which has dragonslayer (most dragonslayer skilles are for dragons only) Hope i helped☺

Can you get the corrupt dragon slayer armor in Adventure Quest?

Yes, you can obtain the Corrupt DragonSlayer armor in AdventureQuest. It is dropped by the Dragonslayer General when you defeat him from the "Confrontation" quest chain.

In adventure quest how do you become a dragon slayer?

if this isn't aqworlds, then im not sure if it is, then go to the dragon lair and do all of the quests pretty easy but take s a while to kill the boss dragon, 20000 hp! after u complete all the quests, u unlock the shop then u can buy the dragonslayer class fr 10000 gold hope this helps! :)

How do you be dragonslayer in aqw?

After getting dragon marshal quest completed

How do you get dragonslayer class in Adventure Quest Worlds?

All you have to do is go to Skullholme (place with black star on the map) and go to the place that has lair in the name and looks like a mountain. Don't talk to the green guy just go up and into the mountain. Talk to Galanoth the Dragonslayer and do all of his quests and you will unlock his shop. Buy the dragonslayer class for 10,000 gold and equip it and then train the class. Thanks for reading this helpful (but HUGE (lol)) answer. *READ IT ALL.*