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You will need:

  • Healer class (rank 10)
  • Warrior class (rank 10)
  • Member

Before you get started:

  • /join swordhaven
  • enter the Inn
  • Talk to the Paladin


  • If the last quest is in red do the second-last quest if the second-last quest is in red to the third-last quest keep going until the last quest is in green then do it and you will get Paladin
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Q: How do you become a paladin in AQWorlds?
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Where do you get the paladin class in AQWorlds?

You get Paladin class in AQWorlds from Artix in Swordhaven (he is found in the inn).

What is in the paladin shop in aqworlds?

Crimson Paladin Armor

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Do you have to be a member to get paladin armor in AQWorlds?

Yes. -Artixthepaladin

What is the paladin slayer code for aqworlds?

the code is lxgiwylaezakmi

How do you get paladin class with out membership on aqworlds?

You can't sorry. Paladin is a members only class and can only be used by members.

Aqworlds how to get palidan for free?

You can't. Paladin is Members Only. Strictly.

Is paladin class in aqworlds nonmembers?

It's a member's only class.

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