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Q: Is there any way to get paladin shop without any quests on aqworlds?
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What is in the paladin shop in aqworlds?

Crimson Paladin Armor

Aqworlds how do you unlock miltonius shop?

Do all the quests.

How do you unlock Murray's shop in AQWorlds?

Complete all of Murray's quests and then there is the shop you can buy stuff in...

How do you get galanoth's shop in aqworlds?

Finish all of his quests.There are 4 quests which need upgrade but

How do you get paladin class on aqw?

You will need to become a member and get Rank 10 in both Warrior and Healer classes. After that, you have to goto Artix in Sword haven and complete his quests to access his paladin shop

Where do you get good weapons in AQworlds?

If you go to dwakel and do the 1st three quests and finsh them turn in the quests get the itmes goto the enchancements shop and sell it and go to yulgar for alot of non-mem and member items that are cool hope that i helped! =) ~Aqworlds Thunder

What is in the paladin shop?

paladin gear

What is the paladin shop id in aqw?

38 = Paladin Class Shop ID 15 = Yulgar Paladin Storeroom

How do you get the supreme arcane staff in AQWorlds?

Finish ALL of RAYST'S quests and then u can unlock the shop. Go into the shop and buy it.It's simple! Yeah but how u unlock his second?

How can you make money fast in AQWorlds?

pls vote go to dwakel crashsite and accept all the quests d after completing the quests turn in the quests and go to battleon and click the upgrade shop and click sell your items sell the drops or the items you got from the quests and do it again and again

Where is a paladin shop in Dragon Fable?

there is no pladin shop in dragon fable there is paladin training in artix in necropolis

How do you get easy money when playing aqworlds fast?

Go to the crash site in greenguard and do the first 3 quests, keep the items you earn and then sell them in the enhancement shop. You earn about 8000 in 2 minutes add me on aqworlds s0ul tak3r