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You get Elekid in Pokemon Emerald you need to either breed a traded Electabuzz or trade for one from Pokemon FireRed. Electabuzz appears exclusively in Pokemon FireRed and can be found in the wild at the Power Plant. The Electabuzz are however very rare with a 5 percent chance of appearing.

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Q: Where can you get an elekid in Pokemon emerald?
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Can you get elekid in Pokemon emerald?

No you have to trade from Fire red

How can you get elkid on Pokemon Emerald?

Sorry, you cannot catch elekid in Emerald, but you can trade from FireRed.

In Pokemon emerald how does the Pokemon elekid evolve into an electibuzz?

i think you use a thunder stone but im not sure so try that

What type of Pokemon is Elekid?

Elekid is an Electric type pokemon.

Where do you get Elekid in Pokemon Platinum?

The only way you can get an Elekid in Pokemon Platinum is by breeding an Electabuzz or Electivire.

How do you find elikid in Pokemon FireRed?

Elekid like most Johto pokemon are the baby form of a different pokemon in this case Elekid is the baby form of Electabuzz which is a Kanto pokemon that can be found in the Power Plant. If you breed Electabuzz you can get a Elekid egg and hatch it to gain Elekid.

How do you find they area of elekid on Pokemon ruby version?

there's no elekid

Can dito and elekid have an egg on Pokemon diamond?

no as a baby Pokemon elekid is incabile of reproducing to make the "egg"

Can you get elikid in Pokemon Black?

Elekid can only be obtained through trading in Pokemon Black. (Or transfering from a game with an Elekid)

How do you catch elekid in pokemon firered?

Elekid is at the Power plant.(where u catch pikachu).

How do you evolve elekid in Pokemon Diamond?

You can evolve Elekid once it hits Level 30.

Why can't Elekid breed?

Baby Pokemon, including Elekid, aren't able to breed.