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Go to Mt. Silver, pick up TM 41 on the way, defeat Red. His pokemon are really hard, he has a Pikachu,Lapras,Blastoise,Charizard,Venusaur, and a Snorlax. His pokemon are in the 70-85ish levels. Then after you beat him, go to Prof. Elm, and he will give you a letter to prof. oak. Then you have to go to Prof. Oak's lab, then give him a really bad spanking, then the Enigma Stone will pop out of his butt hole.

Clean it off with your tongue and give it to Mr. Pokemon, who will digest it and sh*t it out again.

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Q: Where can you get a enigma stone in HeartGold?
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What is the enigma stone in heartgold?

evolves cirtan Pokemon

How do you get Enigma stone in Heartgold?

you get it from an event over wifi (this event has ended)

Can you still do the enigma stone event for Pokemon heartgold by changing the date of your DS?

i think you can

Where can you find a Latios in Pokemon HeartGold?

You cannot find Latios in Pokemon HeartGold unless you went on wi-fi and got the Enigma Stone

Can you get the enigma stone in Pokemon heartgold using dns code?

You can't unfortunately, as it's an event item.

How do you get a enigma stone in pewter city Pokemon HeartGold?

Rape Pikachu, he'll orgasm and jiz it all over you :3

What event will come after the arceus event?

in HeartGold + SoulSilver, it is the mew event, then the celebi event, then enigma stone for latios/latias.

What you have to press to get enigma stone in soul silver?

you don't press anything there is an event at toys r us were you buy a Pokemon doll during the season a game comes out and they give you special stuff but heartgold has been out for a year so no enigma stone

Where is the Enigma Crystal in Pokemon HeartGold and SoulSilver?

youcan onlyy get it through a wifi event or a haking device either way u cant just get it in the game without some tradeYou may be referring to the Enigma stone, not the enigma crystal (which doesn't exist). The stone can only be obtained via a Wi-Fi event. Sadly, the event has long since passed. It is no longer possible to obtain the enigma stone.

Where to find the Enigma Stonein HeartGold?

To get the enigma stone in heart gold or soul silver, You'll have to obtain it over a WI-FI event. I've heard there is a event going on right now which is giving away the enigma stone for free, but I bet it's gonna be over soon, or maybe it's already over...

Is there another date to get an enigma stone in pokeomon soul silver?

No, there isn't another date to get the enigma stone. The enigma stone event has already passed. There most likely won't be another enigma stone event.

What does an egnima stone evolve?

No Pokemon evolves by using the enigma stone or enigma berry.