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Either buy it on the Grand Exchange, or go to a hunting shop. You can locate both on the World Map.

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Q: Where can you get a bird trap in runescape?
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How do you catch a bird on runescape?

You will need a Bird Trap these can be bought at Yanille hunter shop.

What trap do you need to catch a spinned larupia for runescape?

you need to set a pitfall trap

How do you get a trap in RuneScape?

You can buy them at Yanilles Hunting store.

Runescape .do you get your box trap back after you catch a chinchompa?

yes you do

How do you catch the scorpion in the monastery on runescape?

I don't think they are cacthable but if they were, you should try using a box trap to trap them. :)

Runescape-How do you tell what type of bird it is by the color or stripes?

You can tell what bird it is by colour.

What is the incantation to trap the demon in runescape?

Talk to Gypsi Aris and she will give you it.

How do you fletch steel darts on runescape?

U need to do a quest tourist trap.

Explain how he finally got the bird?

He set up a trap using bird seed as bait, and patiently waited until the bird was lured into it. Once the bird was in the trap, he quickly closed the door to secure it.

How long does it tke for a bird to hatch on runescape?

Anything from 1 - 3 days, depending on the bird.

How do you get hunter on RuneScape?

To hunt you need to have tools for hunting, such as a box trap. use the box trap to hunt bunnys in the woods and get some XP

What kind of bird do you catch on a bird snare in runescape?

The following Birds can be caught in a Bird Snare:Crimson SwiftGolden WarblerCopper LongtailCerulean TwitchTropical WagtailWimpy Bird