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A member has to option to right-click and then pick-lock the trap door, just wait until you pick-lock successfully to get in.

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Q: How do you open the trap-door to the ham base on runescape?
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Where are ham followers on runescape?

They are located west of the Lumbridge general store in some ruins ( Known as the H.A.M Base ). To open the trapdoor, players need to pick the lock on it with their Thieving skill. They can do this by hand, but a lockpick will increase the chance of success. On the trapdoor entrance to the dungeon, there is an actual ham which may be a spoof towards their name and possibly color.

Where do you find HAM members in runescape?

They have a cave near Lumbridge Castle, if you teleport there, head out the castle and use shortcut route you normally do to go to Draynor Village, but on way there look for a "!" Mark on your mini-map it should be a trapdoor and on it it should have a HAM logo, right-click it and pick-lock it and you will end up where HAM guards and members are.

Where do you get polished buttons on runescape?

you can get them from HAM members

Where to get ham clothes in runescape?

Members; G.E.

Is a ham robe members on RuneScape?

Yes, they are members' items.

How do you get a rusty sword on runescape?

pick pocket ham people.

What if you die during the runescape quest another slice of HAM?

you will lose everything it happened to me but its true

Will an open ham steak last 2 weeks?

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What does HAM on runescape mean?

it means humans against monsters or something of that nature, if u go in their hide out and examine everything u will find it

How long can you keep a cooked honey baked ham that has not been open in the refrigerator?

An unopened, cooked ham should be good refrigerated for 5 to 7 days.

Where is the HAM hideout in runescape?

From the Lumbridge home teleport, you have to go a bit north, then west. Near the path from Lumbridge to Draynor - a bit north of the path - you'll see a dungeon icon on your minimap.

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