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Right there

The Valley Windworks is located just east of Floaroma Town.

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Q: Where can you find valley wind works in Pokemon pearl?
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Where to find drifloom in Pokemon pearl?

Every Friday he will be in front of the valley wind works.

Where do you find drifloon in Pokemon pearl?

the valley wind works on Friday before 7 pm

How do you find the key for the wind valley in Pokemon Pearl?

in a valley where wind is

Where to find a drifloon on Pokemon Pearl?

At the Valley windworks.

Where can you find a electrike in Pokemon pearl?

From grass in Valley Windworks.

Where do you find a drifloon in Pokemon Pearl?

Go to the Valley Windworks on Friday.

Where do you find driftloon in Pokemon pearl?

On fridays it will be outside the valley windworks

Where do you find drimfloon on Pokemon pearl?

Drifloon can be found at Valley Windworks, on a Friday.

How do you get drifaloon in Pokemon pearl?

You'll find it by Valley Windworks on Friday Daytimes.

Where to find drifloon in Pokemon Pearl?

Driftloon is outside the Valley Windworks on Fridays.

Where to find luxio in Pokemon pearl?

In fuego iron works

Where do you find tm thunder bolt in pokemon pearl?

surf behind the valley windworks.