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in a valley where wind is

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Q: How do you find the key for the wind valley in Pokemon Pearl?
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Where to find drifloom in Pokemon pearl?

Every Friday he will be in front of the valley wind works.

Where do you find drifloon in Pokemon pearl?

the valley wind works on Friday before 7 pm

Where can you find valley wind works in Pokemon pearl?

Right there The Valley Windworks is located just east of Floaroma Town.

Where to find the elctrizer in Pokemon platinum?

you find it behind the valley wind works building

Where can you find elekids on Pokemon Pearl?

To get a elekid in Pokemon Pearl you need to have Fire Red inserted in your Game Boy slot and you need the national pokedex. go to Valley Wind Works after you run around the patch of grass elekid will eventually pop up.

Where to catch drift-bloom on Pokemon pearl?

if you mean drifloon then, at the valley of wind works at any time. it's a random event.

Where to find the electrizer in Pokemon?

put in Pokemon fire red and there will be a elekid with an electrizer in the valley wind works field.

Who is the balloon Pokemon who appears in the Valley Wind Works?

He/she is drifloon, I was disappointed because he's not that good but when you evolve him he's great! He only appears on fridays (Diamond, Pearl) at the wind works

Where can you find a drifloon in Pokemon diamond?

go to valley wind works every Friday and he will be there at level 20 to 25

Where do you find drifloon in Pokemon diamond?

Change the date on your ds to Friday and go to the valley wind works and he should be there.

How do you get Drifflon on Pokemon pearl?

Go to wind-works and Friday.

Where do you get the electrobooster in Pokemon platinum?

U get it at the valley wind works ()