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Go to the water in pastoria city right under the move tutor and surf until you find a cutout on the top and it should be there

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Q: Where can you find the mystic water in Pokemon pearl?
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How do you find water type Pokemon in Pokemon pearl?

fishing or surfing

In Pokemon Pearl where do you find Dialga?

you do not find dialga in Pokemon pearl

Where can you find the mystic ticket in soul silver?


Mystic ticket at Pokemon Emerald?

Do not cheat just find a friend with the mystic ticket and a mystery gift and bam you get mystic ticket

Where can you find Dialga in Pokemon Pearl?

Trade with Pokemon Pearl or Pokemon Platinum

Who is the best Pokemon you can find in Pokemon Pearl?

the best Pokemon you can catch in Pokemon pearl is heatran

Where do you get crodidile in Pokemon Pearl?

You don't find a Krookodile in Pokemon Pearl

Where do you find raiku in pearl?

you cant find raiku in Pokemon pearl just Pokemon gold

Where do you find a totodile in Pokemon Diamond and Pearl?

where do i find a totodile in Pokemon diamond/pearl on nintendods

Where do you find Magikarp in pokemon pearl?

Umm in every single water he is very common

Where do you find Gligar in Pokemon Pearl?

You find Gligar in Pokemon Platinum at Route 206. You can't FIND IT IN PEARL.

Where do you find pearl in Pokemon Pearl?

First you go to spear pillar then when u come to room with a small pond and water fall find the entrance to water fall and it should be up there