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The place where it flashes is where you can find the Pokemon

It would flash blue if it was found in the water

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Q: Why does the map flash red on some Pokemon in Pokemon Pearl?
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Does anyone have a map of Stark Mountain in Pokemon Pearl?

There is a map in the Pokemon Diamond/Pearl Guide Book.

What Pokemon do you chase around the map in pearl?

The two in pearl are Cresselia and Mesprit.

Is there another map on Pokemon Diamond?

NO THERE is no second map in diamond and pearl.(that includes platnium).

Where are the three ghosts in Pokemon pearl?

in the house like map

How do you get to Lake acuity Pokemon pearl?

Go to the place it is on the map

Where is the Pokemon league Pokemon pearl?

in the Pokemon league. Yes, it is but you have to go through a cave to get to it. Look on your map.

Pokemon pearl first you have to cach the Pokemon you migrate?

PalPark, near bottom left in your map.

How does the tracking map work one Pokemon pearl?

Once you chase Pokemon of lake you see where they are

Where can you get rarecandies in Pokemon Pearl?

Theres a map on google just search it

Map of Pokemon platinum Victory Road?

same as diamond/pearl

How do you know what Pokemon you migrated on Pokemon Pearl?

Go and beat the bosses and there is a green town in the bottom of the map there is where all your Pokemon are

Where is mesprit after he runs away on Pokemon pearl?

its on your poketech whatever thihngy map