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you find cobalin in mistralation cave, virision in pinwheel forest, and terrakin in victory road

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Q: Where can you find the legendary trio in Pokemon white?
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Is tornadus the Pokemon a legendary?

Technically, yes alongside Thundurus and Landorus. Making the second legendary trio in pokemon black & white

What legendary Pokemon are in in Pokemon lake?

You'll find The Lake Trio: Mesprit, Uxie and Azelf.

What level are the legendary Pokemon at in Pokemon white?

Zecrom is level 45, the musketeer trio are level 40 each, and thunderous is level 40 also.

What legendary pokemon is in lake valor?

The legendary Pokemon available in Lake Valor is Azelf one of the Legendary Lake trio. Happy Pokemon Catching J.R.

Pokemon sapphires legendary pokemon?

Regi Trio Latias Kyogre Rayquaza

When you start the Legendary Trio of Johto event in Pokemon Soul Silver do you lose your original Pokemon?


Are regirock registeel and regice legendary Pokemon?

No, they are not, despise many arguments. Regigigas IS a legendary, but not the rest of the Regi trio.

What is the legendary trio in Pokemon Black?

Landorus, Tornadus, Thundorus. Or Cobalion, Virizion, Terrakion. Tornadus is only available in Pokemon Black and Thundorus is only available in Pokemon White. You have to trade Thundorus (Tornadus) to Pokemon Black (White) To get Landorus. You have to get Cobalion before you can get Virizion and Terrakion.

Were do you catch moltres in Pokemon FireRed?

Moltres is a legendary Fire and Flying Pokemon. Part of the original trio of legendary birds from the first games, it can be encountered in Pokemon FireRed in Mt. Ember.

How do you find the three lake Pokemon in Pokemon Black?

You cant its not possible to get them Melovepeas: ^that is incorrect. You cannot "find" the Three Lakes in Pokemon Black, as they're the legendary trio of the Sinnoh Region. It is possilbe, however, to migrate them from Pokemon Diamond/Pearl/Platinum to Black.

Who are the legendary trio in black and white?

Therte are two, The Marx Brothers and The Three Stooges.

How do you get a leginrary Pokemon in valour lake?

You have to free them by going to Veilstone and getting through the maze in the Team Galactic building. Then go there and you will find one of the legendary trio.