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there is none if you don't want your Pokemon to evolve then keep pressing B in the evelution sequence.

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Q: Where can you find the everstone in Pokemon Yellow?
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Where to find a everstone in Pokemon FireRed?

People gve an everstone to you as a gift,on some occasions.

Where do you get a everstone in Pokemon diamond?

You can find everstones underground

Where do you get everstone on Pokemon FireRed?

i dont know where,but you have to find 1 of p.oak aids.he will give you the everstone as a reward for catching a certain number of pokemon.

What Pokemon evolves with a everstone?

No Pokemon evolves with an everstone. In fact, an everstone negates the effects of evolution if you give it to a Pokemon to hold.

What is everstone?

An Everstone is an item that can be given to a Pokemon. It prevents any Pokemon from evolving.

Where is the Everstone in Pokemon Pearl?

you can find many everstones when digging for treasure underground

How do you get Everstone on Pokemon Blue?

I don't believe you can get the everstone in Pokemon blue. I think it was only in later generations.

What Pokemon does everstone stop evolving?

The everstone stops evolving all Pokemon that evolve in the first place.

What do you do with an everstone?

What u do with a everstone is u give it to a Pokemon and it wont evolve

Where can you find an everstone in Pokemon gold and silver?

Join the Pokemon bug contest in the park above goldenrod you get the everstone when you become second so catch a pinsir or scyther at level 13 or some like that

What Pokemon evolve when you use the everstone in soulsilver?

The everstone is used to PREVENT evolution, so none evolve with it. When a Pokemon holds one, and reaches the level it usually evolves, it won't even try. You would need to remove the everstone and level the Pokemon up another level to evolve it.

What Pokémon's does the oval stone evolves?

A everstone? If your talking about a everstone, it makes Pokemon not evolve