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You can`t find him in firered unless you decide to get the two rare stones for celeo. Then, you can go to the upper floors of pokecenter and then you go to trades and you trade with POKEMON EMERALD VERSION. This is the only way to get Sudowoodo in firered. No need to thank me [:-)
You need to trade one from Silver or Gold, there is no native Sudowoodo in FR/LG.

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Q: Where can you find sudowoodo in pokemon firered?
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Where do you find sudowood in Pokemon FireRed?

It's not possible to find Sudowoodo in Pokemon FireRed. You will need to trade for one from a Pokemon Emerald game-save.

How do you catch sudowoodo in Pokemon pearl?

You can find Sudowoodo on Routes 214 and 221.

Can you catch a sudowoodo in FireRed?

You can only catch sudowoodo in emerald.

Can you find sudowoodo in Pokemon Black and White?


What guy to you trade to get sudowoodo in FireRed?


Where to find a Sudowoodo in Pokemon?

matters which game, but sudowoodo in the 2nd gen games is blocking the way to ekruitick city.

Where can you find a sandslash in Pokemon FireRed?

You cant find it in Firered only leafgreen.

What will you get if you breed a Ditto and sudowoodo on Pokemon emerald?


On Pokemon FireRed how do you find staryus?

Staryu is a water type Pokemon. In Pokemon FireRed, it is possible to find lots of Staryus in the Seafoam Islands.

Can you catch sudowoodo in Pokemon LeafGreen?

No you will need Emerald or Pokemon Colosseum to trade you a Sudowoodo.

How can you find a sudowoodo on Pokemon Platinum?

You find Sudawoodo at place where you migrate Pokemon no the Pokemon watch i think? just keep walking in the grass you will find one.

Were is the Pokémon soodowoodoin Pokémon FireRed?

you can't get it if you mean Sudowoodo